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T25 – Day Two

Finished day two, I loved the stretches during the workout.  My main complaints about todays workout really have nothing todo with the workout itself.  My two sons (9 and 12) swim 6 days a week with there team during the summer, but the season just ended when I came home for the umpteen day in a row to them zoned out on their phones, computers, and TV, I decided enough is enough they were going to workout with me even if it killed us all.  My youngest loves to workout so he was a pleasure during the whole thing.   He was pushing me, and saying “mom this is so much fun” and “we are going to feel so good when we’re done”.  My oldest hates to workout so while we are getting our sweat on he was standing next to us with real tears saying “I just can’t do this”, and “I hate sweating”.   Frustrating to say the least.  On a positive note… Even with him giving it a half-assed effort spending a large part just swinging his arms, he was still sweating by the end.


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