The Girl Who Tried Everything

and then blogged about it…

How I spent my weekend

My T25 had to be rearranged, as my best friend was getting married and it was her wedding shower.  I flew out saturday morning on maybe 3 hours sleep.  The first picture shows us at the start of the night, very mellow at our Kentucky Derby theme party.  After hours of drinking on very little sleep the last picture is what the night turned into.

We spent the next day hungover, trying to keep from throwing up.  We were afraid TSA would flag us as sick an not let us on the plane.  One of the girls spent an hour sleeping on the floor of the airport when our flight got delayed by an hour.  I’m sure we looked great with the smeared makeup, raunchy breath, and greasy hair.  It was made all the better by the fact that we didn’t get seats next to each other, I think I may have scared the guy that sat down next to me.  I’m sure he loved the fact that I smacked him with my backpack 4 times getting off the plane.

The original plans was to come home and workout the night… that didn’t happen.  It also didn’t happen the next night either, I was just lucky I made it to work that next day. Apparently that’s what happen’s when you get old! I remember drinking way more, when I was younger, sleeping 3-4 hours and being good to go.  Now I’m just happy when I can walk and talk the next day…


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