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P90x3 – Day Four – The Challenge

Pull-ups and Push-ups for 30 mins, oh my!!  I am the stereo typical woman in regards to upper body strength, I don’t think I could do even one pull-up or push-up even if my life depended on it.  When I read reviews that said this video would be all upper body, I started to both dread and look forward to.

As women age we start to get this [insert sarcasm here] really cool flabby under arm skin…  Mix that with my arm tattoos… it’s pretty important I start to gain so more upper body strength.

I just finished the video, my arms are shaking.  When I was doing it I didn’t feel like I was REALLY overdoing it.  I’ve made the mistake in the past of REALLY overdoing it then not being about to go on, so I made sure to pull back a little.

It’s been 10 mins since I finished the video, I may have really overdone it.  My arms already hurt, that doesn’t bode well for tomorrow… Hopefully the juicing mixed with the (vegetarian version) protein packed dinner I have planned will help me out for tomorrow.  Epson salt bath here I come.


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