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P90x3 – Day 38, 39, & 40 – Yoga, Eccentric Lower, Incinerator

55239532898996847_yxxi31Rn_cI have been so busy lately that it’s hard to even think straight let alone do these videos, but I made a commitment so I’ve been doing them everyday (I’m just not blogging about them everyday, choices).  This phase is SOO much better than phase one.  I feel like everyday I’m really pushing myself, and getting so much more out of it.  The progression has a perfect balance between focus points, so that you never feel like you can’t complete the next day’s video.  I love that the videos are only 30 mins long.  There’s something about that time length that make me feel guilty when I think about not doing it… I don’t care how busy I am carving out 30 mins of me time can always be a priority.

I feel better, I feel stronger… I only wish it were nicer weather so I could do a nice long hike to test out my new fitness level.


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