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Piyo – Day 3 – Define: Upper Body

I have to say I’m feeling pretty badass today.  Yes this video is only 18 mins long, but it was the perfect length for the kind of day I’ve had.

I woke up early got to work late, then my best friend flew in for the night.  We went out to dinner (I was good and only ate the grilled vegetables) and by the time I got home it was nearly 9:30 at night.  With most videos series this would mean a skip day, but because this was only 18 mins long I was able to talk myself into doing it before bed (with blisters on my feet the new heels I wore tonight and all).

This was a quick workout but I can already tell my abs are gong to kill tomorrow.  I know this is called an upper body workout but it’s mostly abs.  I was able to almost everything in the video and before any one thing burned me out it moved no to the next.  I have to say I am really starting to like this series – hopefully my body is too because this almost seems too easy.


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