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Ole Henriksen – Lemon Strip Flash Peel


Don’t be scared by the makeup free pictures of me, and even though it looks like I have crazy eyes I promise I’m not crazy.

Interesting product. It smells like lemon, which I’m sure isn’t much of a shock seeing as it has the word lemon in the title.  Lemon is really hit or miss for me, it can go bad pretty easily; fortunately this one actually smelled quite pleasant.  It was a refreshing, most of the facial products I use tend the have a sickly sweet scent.

The consistency of this is similar to jelly; it feels almost slimy going on.  It goes on clear and stays clear once it has dried. This is the only face mask I can walk around my house in without my boys making fun of me. When it’s goes on your face it feels tingly, but as time progresses the sensation lessens.  The feeling never went completely away, and even stayed once the jelly was washed off. I might just be in my head but it felt like it was tingling in my pores. My skin has a natural red hue to it, but my skins was more red than normal with this on my face.

The mask leaves my skin feeling clean and refreashed. It’s definitely best to use this at night and couple it with a good overnight cream to help balance the moisture loss. The redness in my face went down pretty quick. I had no long term negative effects, or skin irritation.  It helps keep breakouts to a minimum, if something already seems to be growing it brings it to a head faster.  I also noticed that my naturally combination skin felt more even.

This product isn’t cheap, but compared to others I’ve tried in this category and in this price range it’s BEST.


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