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P90x3 – Review

I made it to day 75, and then I stopped.  I was so close to day 9o by I just didn’t finish.  I get board easily, and this program started … Continue reading

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P90x3 – Day 63 – Week one Phase 3

Mixing up these videos like Tony’s has done, is a real ass kicker.  I’ve done all these video’s already but there’s been enough of a break (since phase 1) that … Continue reading

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P90x3 – Day 56 – Phase Two Finished

Just finished phase two, and just like with phase one I am glad it’s over.  Four weeks is just enough time to start to getting board.  I am ready for … Continue reading

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P90x3 – Day 41, 42, & 43 – MMX, Rest, Eccentric Upper

The MMX kicks my ass every time, I was sweating buckets by the end of the video.  Of all the videos its the one I think does the most for … Continue reading

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P90x3 – Day 38, 39, & 40 – Yoga, Eccentric Lower, Incinerator

I have been so busy lately that it’s hard to even think straight let alone do these videos, but I made a commitment so I’ve been doing them everyday (I’m … Continue reading

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P90x3 – Day 36 Eccentric Upper & Day 37 Triometrics

I feel like I’m in a constant state of sore, couple that with a constant state of busy and I’m  exhausted.  I’ve had to start posting two days at time … Continue reading

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P90x3 – Day 34 – MMX & Day 35 – Walk (or what should be dynamix)

MMX This is most hardcore workout in the series (at least so far).  I was sweating buckets, while huffing and puffing.  I knew this workout was going to kick my … Continue reading

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