The Girl Who Tried Everything

and then blogged about it…

T25 – quit

So I quit this program after almost 3 weeks I didn’t lose any weight and my measurements weren’t getting any smaller. In fairness to the program I felt good doing … Continue reading

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T25 – Day 16

Finished today. Pushed super hard for 15 minuets, then my cyst started hurting which made the last 10 minuets difficult. I want to do a good hike in the next … Continue reading

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T25 – day 15

Rotating the days and having the double day at the start of the week was bad idea. I wasn’t so sore that it disturbed my day, but was sore enough … Continue reading

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T25 – Double Day (Out of order)

I had this picture in my head while doing both of todays workouts. It’s late, I’m fighting with my kid to do his homework, but I still made time to … Continue reading

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How I spent my weekend

My T25 had to be rearranged, as my best friend was getting married and it was her wedding shower.  I flew out saturday morning on maybe 3 hours sleep.  The … Continue reading

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T25 day 11

Felt the burn, worked hard. A little bored with this video I just did it the other day. Tomorrow is suppose to be a double day, but darn I’m flying … Continue reading

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T25 – Day 10

Just finished day 10 I’m exhausted. I’ve even putting in 12-13 hours days, then coming home and forcing myself to do these videos at night right before I crash out. … Continue reading

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